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Install software on your iPad

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iPad store apps

Using iPad store Apps

1. On your tablet, open the iPad App store. You need an internet connection to do this.
2. A list will be shown. Select the app you want and click on the blue icon of the rectangle button, in the right   side of the screen, to download it.
3. Login into your iTunes account on the prompted screen to confirm the download.
4. After this, the app will be automatically installed.

iTunes in iPad

Using iTunes

1. Download iTunes 9.1 and install it. Open it.
2. Click on the App Store tab on the top. Now select the category of iPad apps.
3. A list with iPad applications will be shown. Click on the one you want and then download it by pressing the top-left button, the one with bold text that says Free App or Buy App.
4. You will be asked to login onto your iTunes account. Once you do, the iPad app will be downloaded on your PC.
5. Connect your iPad to your computer and the tablet should automatically sync your apps.

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